A Comprehensive Dubai travelling guide: which flights land at which terminal in Dubai

Seamless travelling especially in the shimmering gem, of Dubai, a city known for its aviation powers, and vibrant culture is bringing home to paradise. The aviation hub of Dubai unravelling exceptional Dubai International Airport (DXB) provides a lifetime travelling experience to the passengers. No matter, if you are a jet-setting aficionado or an adventurer, just fasten your seat belts and hold your breath as we are about to double your excitement and ease your journey through terminal understanding.

your gateway to open doors of a whole new exciting journey

Terminal 1 of the Dubai International Airport (DXB) offers a gateway to international airlines, where people with dreams in their eyes take flight. Here’s a note of some major airlines calling terminal 1 home:

Renowned airlines: terminal 1 is the hub that hosts multiple flights that land you straight to your destination. Embark on a mesmerizing journey with well-known international flights of Qatar Airways, Royal Brunei Airlines, Turkish Airlines and many more to experience the luxurious and hustle free-journey.

where magic happens within your budget

An efficient terminal for budget-savvy travellers provides a premium travelling experience within their limited budget. Here’s a list of notable airlines that gracing this terminal:

Flydubai: A pocket-friendly travelling opportunity for those who dream big and aim high to land at their desired international or regional destinations. So, turn your travelling dreams into reality with a promising budget and explore the enchanting views of beautiful cities. 


exclusively dedicated terminal of Emirates Airlines

If you want to experience an immersive and unforgettable travelling experience then make sure you react at terminal 3, home to illustrious Emirates Airlines. Emirates Airlines is known as the world’s most luxurious terminal which offers duty-free shopping, business-class lounges, mouth-watering food and much more. Apart from this, here’s what you still need to know about this terminal:

Emirates Airlines: A flagship carrier, Dubai’s beloved airline with a world-class exciting travelling experience unfolded by luxurious amenities operates flights from this terminal. This terminal host almost all the flights of Emirates Airlines that heads travellers to their destinations.

Be a pro traveller with our expert travelling tips:

No doubt, Dubai Airport ensure perfection, but still terminal changes create a hustle and unwanted chaos. You need not worry about it at all, you just have to keep these pro-travelling tips up to your sleeves and enjoy your travelling:

  • A plethora of handful- resources: Information counters, digital signs, and airport maps are some of the facilities that are available at all the terminals to make sure you complete your journey with ease. You just need to make maximum use of these resources to set all good to go.

  • Say goodbye to last-minute rush: Considering the size of the Dubai International Airport, you have to say goodbye to the last-minute arrival habit and then rush to find out the exact terminal. Allow yourself to have ample time to head to the right terminal and enjoy stress-free smooth travelling.

  • Connecting Flights: Transitions between the different terminals when you have connecting flights are sometimes nothing but a headache. To avoid this, you need to follow the dedicated signs especially positioned for transfer desks to have a chaos-free transit.