A pocket-friendly $100 Dubai layover tour

Dubai is not only a city where dreams turn into reality but a place where your travelling thirst is also quenched. So, if you ever find yourself with a layover in Dubai and tight on budget, still you need not worry because our 100$ guide is ready to help you out. With a minimal budget, you can still enjoy your tour and load your phone’s memory with beautiful selfies.

First thing first: count your hours

Before you begin your layover, it’s important to keep all the required details up to your sleeves. To avoid any last-moment chaos, you need to first identify the number of hours of your layover, and get a hand full knowledge about the airport layout and visa checking process. In addition, browse places that you want to visit during your Dubai layover.

Point out your interests to ease your Dubai layover

Before you finally begin your memorable and enjoyable layover, you need to identify your point of interest because Dubai is a place loved by everyone whether he is a party person, a nature-lover or an adventurous one. Here is a list of experiences that you can have during your Dubai layover:

  • Explore the cultural heritage and historical places
  • Bless your soul with exciting and thrilling adventure
  • Load your bags and shop for the things that hit your wish list
  • Experience the beauty of nature and relax with the unforgettable sights

These are all the spots that you can visit for just 100$. Yes… just a $100 Dubai layover.

Dubai Downtown: imagine the shopaholic paradise

Dubai downtown is a place for all shopping lovers. Best place to spend time, especially for window shopping. From luxurious brands to style statements, all you can have under one roof. In addition, you can see the water dancing to your favourite song. What could be more beautiful than that, water dancing, lights and your favourite music? You can also see the tallest building in the whole world, Burj Khalifa, a pleasant virtual delight to your eyes.

Old Dubai: Experience the heritage that tells stories of ages

If you are a person who has an interest in unveiling the stories and the mysteries of old times, then Old Dubai is a perfect choice for you. Taste the pleasure of the historical charm of Old Dubai by visiting Al Fahidi Historic District where streets and alleyways narrate their stories. You can also visit the Dubai Museum to know the initial of this great city.

Gold Souk and Spice Souk: the two bustling souks of Dubai

Train your mind to experience the sensory pleasure by entering into the Gold Souk where gold gems entertain you. While those who are food lovers or have cooking hobbies can visit the spice souk where they can have the aromatic pleasure of different spices that can toddle with your senses. Plus, you can check your bargaining skills too.

Jumeirah Beach - Burj Al Arab Hotel

If you want to spend the Dubai layover to relax and calm yourself, then Jumeirah Beach is the perfect choice for you. One can dip his toes in the turquoise water and feel the softness of the sand while having a sun bath. Alternatively, you can also visit to have the virtual experience of the Burj Al Arab Hotel, an iconic architecture.

Palm Jumeirah and the Atlantis Hotel: unforgettable natural beauty

If you are having a Dubai layover, then why not visit Palm Jumeirah for just $100? Explore the natural beauty of Palm Jumeirah, palm-shaped islands known for marvellously good views and comfortable resorts. In addition, don’t forget to please your eyes with the water park and aquarium of Atlantis Hotels. Last, but not the least, Dubai Marina to see the luxury yachts and skylines.