How to spend a few hours in Dubai.

Dubai is a place where dreams land reality, history narrates its tales, and eyes are blessed with man-made wonders and natural beauty. Then why not spend a few hours in Dubai to make the max out of it? Let’s allow our imagination to go wild and bless our eyes with beauty never seen before. Before this, just count the hours you need to spend on your fingers and experience the magical journey of Dubai.

Dubai Mall and Burj Khalifa

Who does not like shopping? Dubai without shopping is just like a bird without its wings. So, a Dubai tour is incomplete without loading your bags with items and gifts for your loved ones from Dubai Mall. Right after stepping out of the Dubai Mall, forget to step into Burj Khalifa, an iconic and the world’s largest architectural wonder. Just press the elevator button straight at number 148 to have a magical view of this building.

The Fountain of Everlasting Memories and Dubai Marina

Imagine the magic of holding the time, stich your memories in a moment that never passes, and scribe the memories that never fade away. Yes, it’s possible only at the Fountain of Everlasting Memories. In addition, Dubai Marina is famous for its dynamic looks. You can spend a couple of hours here visiting the Dubai Marina and can taste a variety of cuisine by visiting a café, hotel or restaurant of your own choice.

Mystical Souk Quest

While exploring and wandering on the streets of old Dubai, don’t forget to experience the mystical souk quest of the antique shop owned by Alazar merchant. You can have the compass from him and start your mystical Dubai tour, as the compass will guide you to unveil the parallel world through different portals. Through this, you can enjoy the historical view of Dubai and enjoy old spices, futuristic visionaries, and ancient trading.

The Gastronomic Soiree

How about wandering in the streets of Dubai and feeling hungry? Yeah, it’s time to taste the spices and flavours of Dubai now. The Gastronomic Soiree is a place where you can have delicious shawarmas, mouth-watering savoury items, and an uncountable variety of sweets and desserts. Once you taste Dubai’s special flavours, you can forget the rest of the world as long as the taste buds continue to juggle from one flavour to another. As food is something that always brings you to the home and Dubai is a home to all food-lovers.

Dubai Miracle Garden

If you are lucky enough to have your Dubai layover between October to May, you might also have a great opportunity to visit Dubai Miracle Garden to complete your Dubai tour. Allow your heart to skip a beat by looking at the vibrant colors, designs and beauty of fresh flowers. I bet your eyes have never seen millions of flowers in just one view. Surely, if you are a nature lover you do not want to miss this place at all.

So, make your Dubai tour a never-ended pleasure for you and grab your cameras to have the best clicks of your life.